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The act of sneaking into someone else's room, dropping a payload in their toilet, not flushing, and then leaving a note signed 'Pooping Tom' on the toilet seat. Usually occurs in college residence halls.
"Dude, someone left a big, steaming pile of feces in my toilet with a note that said 'Courtesy of the Pooping Tom'!"
by Rack Jeacher June 11, 2013
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Someone who peeks underneath the toilet stall in a public bathroom to view those defecating in adjacent stalls. Akin to a "Peeping Tom" but instead of watching you change, he wants to watch you pinch one off.
"I was trying to take a dump in Macy's but I couldn't squeeze it out because the guy in the next stall was a Pooping Tom."
by Dingus Bray November 02, 2014
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One who peeps while pooping.
I pulled a pooping tom last week when I was pooping outside and I was totally able to see my hot neighbor undress through her window. It was glorious.
by iTchRRA August 06, 2010
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when you need to poop so bad that it seems your poop is peeping out your butt-hole
Bob: I cant make the 3 o'clock , got a pooping tom situation
by rptl January 27, 2011
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