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Producing sexual stimulation by defecating into a woman's vagina, essentially using one's stool as a phallus, or substitute for the male genitalia.

A "perfect poopagina" requires forming an air-tight seal between the anus & vagina, never allowing the stool to "breathe" outside air.

The term "poopagina" was coined by Angel Rodriquez at UCLA's Hedrick Dining Hall, sometime around 2001, during a round-table discussion on the origin of sexual fetishes and how they are formulated.

The term "poopagina" has grown in popularity amongst the college circuit, most notably amongst California-based schools and universities.

Variations of the term include the following phrases:

1) 'Gine my poop - A command, made by a male, demanding that a female take, into their vagina, the male's stool (poop).

2) Poop my 'gine - A command, made by a female of their male partner, to have stool (poop) shoved into their vagina.
Last night, I realized the culmination of my being, when I threw down a poopagina on my ex-girlfriend.

I took this slutty sorority girl up to my dorm, after a mixer, and was all set to bone down, but when she screamed out "Poop my 'gine!", I had to stop and think, for a second, about what kind of person I would be if I fulfilled her request. In a drunken stupor, I yelled out "GINE MY POOP!" at the top of my lungs and proceeded to slam down a steamy loaf into her gaping vagina.
by poopagina August 09, 2010
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the act of deficating into a woman's vagina
last night i did a poopagina when my girlfriend disrespected me and my family. i told that bitch to walk her poopy vag home.
by michael y January 13, 2007
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This is where you bang your poo.

This is how it goes: take a dump - it can't be any poop it has to be a fairly firm, but still slightly moist - poo that can be worked like clay.

Shape it into a poo-vag - meat curtians and all.

Carefully wrap it with plastic wrap or silicone paper (used for baking) and throw it into the freezer until it freezes solid.

When it's ready, take it from the freezer, peel back the Saran Wrap or silicone paper and have unwrapped it kind of like you're holding a taco or mini canoe. Now enjoy it slowly melting and falling apart all over you as your bring yourself to gooey multiple poogasms.
Her: What do you feel like doing tonight?

Him: A poopagina!

Her: Sweet! lets go to poopapalooza, I'll bring the towels!
by "Pamzilla" March 10, 2009
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