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Manifesting from the bowels of a being only to be described as the 'King of Thrones', this magnificent structure is often a high mixture of solids, liquids, floaties, and sands. With a stench that is the equivalent to a mixture of milk left in the summer sun and a bloated deer carcass, poopacabra can only be semi-masked with a mixture of sawdust and whiskey. The most notable part of the poopacabra is the inability to eliminate it on a single flush. It will generally require 4 to 5 flushes to get all of the feces forced through the plumbing however an unforgettable shit lining will stay in the toilet like a shadow of remorse.
Adam - "After four straight days of Mexican food and beer the poopacabra was unleashed. It took four flushes and still left a brown streak in the toilet and my roomie thought a murder took place in the shitter."
by F.O.S.F.F. 7O01 June 08, 2015
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A chupacabra of crap.

A shit so hideously monstrous that it would scare villagers.
I was in the bathroom wrenching out a poopacabra.
by moooooog35 February 02, 2011
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(proper noun) - A mythical spirit that posses the bodies of festi kids everywhere causing them to seek out tents that are not there's for release of their bowels.
Did you hear about the Poopacabra at Electric Forest? That shit was rachet yo!
by Unicornia July 16, 2014
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