When you take a dump and your poop is so long that it brushes up against your balls as it falls into the toilet. Named for it's uncanny likeness to the length and color of a poolstick and the fact that it's smacking some balls.
Bro: Dude I took a 5 pound dump this morning
Bro2: That's nothing, last week I pushed out a poolstick so massive, it looked like someone took a brown sharpie to my ball sack
by prozaq June 07, 2019
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When one individual is having sexual intercourse with another individual who is under the height of 5'.

And that the individual lifts the short individual onto the erect penis. It is called, chalking the pool-stick.
I was fucking this short girl last night, you could say I was chalking the poolstick.
by PowerSoldier December 31, 2016
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