To dive into an investment with money you cannot afford to lose without thinking it through.
The market is broken so I will poolside $10,000 on pretty ponies. When lambo?
by VEVEVERSE January 10, 2022
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When one partner is in the bath and the other procedes to initiate oral sex from the side. Can be both ways round.
She interrupted my bath the other night and she must have been hungry because she wanted a poolside picnic.
by Picnics by the pool March 23, 2017
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Poolside Pong is a revolutionary twist to the popular game of beer pong. It has taken America's favorite drinking game and made it better than ever. Poolside Pong is the year round inflatable beer pong table that has all the features of traditional beer pong and more! Its unique and portable design allows you to bring beer pong out of homes and dorms and into pools, lakes, beaches and tailgate parties. Poolside Pong is the ultimate year round accessory that no party should be without! Poolside Pong is often referred to in a more generic term water pong.

Poolside Pong is played exactly like regular beer pong but in the water, and although bouncing is more difficult, it's not impossible. Poolside Pong is commonly written about on blogs as a perfect game for pick up and creating a fun social dynamic at the beach, lake, or on spring break, because the familiarity of the game in a new setting creates a buzz that everyone wants to be part of.

by 310h! March 11, 2009
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Poolside Loungeabout--an occasional ritual where wives & mothers get a well earned, uninterrupted respite from the endless responsibilities of everyday life, and lay by the pool for hours, sipping on frozen drinks, reading trashy magazines, talkin' food & fashion.
A proper Vegas poolside loungeabout requires at least 2 girlfriends, 30spf sunscreen or stronger, 3 towels, a hat, magazines, $200 cash for food & drinks, and a sexy swimsuit with sparkles. At $300 for 4 hours, cabana and cabana boy, while priceless, are not required to have a good time.
by Lucy Lou Who September 14, 2009
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Chilling Poolside is essentially the opposite of what it sounds. It is a term used to lure people to join you on the session without deterring them by telling them where you really are - often in a dingy room with a group of mentally disfigured guys on drugs. However dire the situation might seem, good music is often played when one is "Chilling Poolside."
Guy 1 - "Hey man where are you at, haven't seen you since you left the club earlier"
Guy 2 - "Yo, just Chilling Poolside with some cocktails and fly hunnies. Come round."
Guy 1 -"Really? Pretty sure I overheard you guys arguing about whether to get a 3 litre bottle of cider or special brew to take back to your flat. But now I know you're Chilling Poolside I'll be right there."
by MainVainer May 5, 2014
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