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That distinct smell of a fart ripped at a public pool or shower facility.
I felt my swim suit flap against my butt as I farted and was almost up the ladder out of the pool. People looked disgusted as my pool fart hit their noses- it had the distinct smell of musty wetness. Like an unclean dishwasher.
by Merriam EBster March 15, 2015
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An explosive emission of wind from the Anus ( by male or female mammals) when entering the swimming pool or area of water, which is deep enough to cover the arse area.
Sometimes concealed by pretending it is air accumulated in swimming trunks or costumes, until the smell is wafted in the direction of nearby friends or innocent by standers, then the pool fart is exposed.
Can also be used in a hot tub or jacuzzi.
Linda entered the pool after a lovely take away curry the previous night, and proceeded to engage in an energetic breast stroke, on the first stroke various bubbles broke the surface, which were clearly inhaled by other pool users.
Jimmy commented to his wife - 'That lady just did a pool fart, it stinks"
by Peteskye October 15, 2014
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