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When one strives to get away from the mundane, overcrowded bathroom of his everyday building at work or school; he will wonder to different floors, or different buildings, in order to find a better bathroom eventually. Here it'll be more private, peaceful, and have a change of scenery- both architecturally and sexually (different dime pieces walking 'round)
Office drone 1: Hey man where's Mike? We gotta meeting soon.
Office drone 2: I think he's on poocation, the bathroom here stinks and the bitches are ugly.
by diginick September 09, 2016
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The extended time taken, while taking a shit, that allows you to get away from the day and all of it's stresses.
What is up with Frank? He seems really annoyed today.

He is stressed. He will be fine after his 10 o'clock poocation.
by Warchef March 09, 2010
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