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A small berry-like lump of poo that hangs 'on the vine' around the arse area.

See also 'Clagnut'

Or 'Arsegrape'
Stephanie discovered to her shame that she had developed a pooberry
by Sir Oswald Muesli February 24, 2004
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A mushroom. They grow on shit, or shit-like substance...the berry or fruit of shit. Pooberry.
Please don't buy anymore mushrooms! I don't like the pooberry in our spaghetti sauce.
by Eaten by the Whale March 05, 2011
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Pubic Area.

Etymology: When said quickly "public area" sounds like "poo berry."

Poo Berries are close neighbors of Grundlular regions (see: Grundle). Ironically, however, they do not produce any poo or berries.
Look Dasharath, I don't have a fupa! I mean, look at my poo berry- there's nothing there!
by dsuchter September 12, 2006
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When your dog poops out whole undigested and unchewed blueberries, which stick to its anus and surrounding fur.
The dog scooches across the floor dragging its hind end, desperately trying to remove the pooberry.
by CestMoiLinh February 16, 2018
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