A euphemism for shithead. Usually used in a joking, lighthearted manner towards a friend.
Holly: Your breath stinks.
Lulu: Shuttup you big poo poo head.
by LuLu828 July 27, 2005
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childish language meaning that the person referred to is absolutely and totally unfair and won't give the ~five year old whatever the hell they want.
Jenny screamed at her babysitter Chrissy that she was 'a big poo poo head' when Chrissy denied her mac 'n' cheese & hour of MTV's The Real World.
by selphinator July 11, 2005
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N: GepperRankins; To be a poo-poo head.
GepperRankins insinuated that I was a Ziggy "fanboy", so I called him a big fat poo-poo head.
by Skizo May 09, 2005
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