A romantic network, or a particular subset of relationships within a romantic network, whose members are closely connected. They can be intimate, familiar, romantic, or sexual in nature , but not limited to. The polycule created is unique to the people involved and the variations, they create.
"When people practices polyamory, they create a new kind of relationship. These relationships are dependent on the type of relationship they have formed. Regardless of what type of relationship you form, they form a polycule. "
by Ms.Kittie January 23, 2019
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A portmanteau of "polyamory" or other relationship models beginning with "poly" and "molecule". Polycule is used to describe any system of connected non-monogamous relationships.

A polycule can be as simple as a "V" (A is dating both B and C, with their approval, but B and C are not dating each other) or a triangle (A, B, and C are all dating each other), but it can also get very complex. (Ex: A is dating B and C. B is dating A and D. C is dating A, E, and F. F is also dating G.)

When drawn out as a chart, these connections can look similar to a molecular structure- hence the name polycule.
"My boyfriend's wife just got a new girlfriend. Looks like I'll have to update our polycule!"

"My OTP is Malcolm, Sheila, and Gary. ... What? One True Pairing? No, I meant One True Polycule."
by 21derful March 16, 2015
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Physical matter or material that achieves perfection by reciprocally determining and therefore limiting other physical matter or material.

A very small particle contingent on interaction with other particles to achieve perfection.
The most perfect world of all is a whole of contingent polycules.

The limiting of one polycule by another polycule sets it free, thereby eliciting the perfection of both polycules.
by Tripartite Wisdom December 19, 2010
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A joke originating from a Clickhole article, The Seattle Polycule is exactly what it says it is--a vague, unfathomably large polycule that apparently contains all the polygamous people in Seattle, Washington. Usually comes up either in context of surprisingly involved polygamous relationships, or Seattle.
"28 people? That's like... 0.5% of the Seattle Polycule!"

"Hey man, I left something over at the Lotte Hotel in Washington, got any advice?"
"Yeah, just ask The Seattle Polycule. They'll get on it quickly."
by Camwood October 22, 2023
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