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A romantic network, or a particular subset of relationships within a romantic network, whose members are closely connected. They can be intimate, familiar, romantic, or sexual in nature , but not limited to. The polycule created is unique to the people involved and the variations, they create.
"When people practices polyamory, they create a new kind of relationship. These relationships are dependent on the type of relationship they have formed. Regardless of what type of relationship you form, they form a polycule. "
by Ms.Kittie January 23, 2019
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Physical matter or material that achieves perfection by reciprocally determining and therefore limiting other physical matter or material.

A very small particle contingent on interaction with other particles to achieve perfection.
The most perfect world of all is a whole of contingent polycules.

The limiting of one polycule by another polycule sets it free, thereby eliciting the perfection of both polycules.
by Tripartite Wisdom December 19, 2010
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