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A haunting not caused by the dead, but rather by suppressed emotions, in this case a person's sexual frustration
Ruby: The entity in this house was born specifically out of Francine's sexual frustration. I like to call it a poltergasm. Gestures with his finger
Steve: What are you doing?
Ruby: I just drew a trademark sign with my finger, child, because I've registered the word "poltergasm." Any movie scripts you write based on your experiences here, Ruby gets a slice.
by Mr poopybuthole June 13, 2017
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Having intense, repeated sex under the influence of a haunted room.
Buffy and Riley, under the influence of the poltergeist, were stuck having sex repeatedely without realization of what was happening outside the room like one big poltergasm.
by Tweakbunny July 25, 2009
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When, during oral sex performed on a female, the female arches her back off of the bed and seemingly levitates due to the intensity of her orgasm.
He's so talented at oral sex he gives me poltergasms.
by Lttlmstrbl May 05, 2012
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