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A sweet, innocent guy at heart. Not afraid to express himself.
Full of prosperity and talent, loving every moment he gets from pleasing a crowd. A carefree character that has a clear feminine side. Stands out from the crowd and always has something to share and someone to share it with. Moves on quickly through life and is admired by many, but hurts people with comments that may seem very simple to him. Naive at times, Linguistic, cheerful, honest, smiley, juvenile, good-looking, confident, funny, talented.... this list could go on forever ;)
If you know a Polito, you're very lucky. Better snatch him quickly! cuz he'll move on FAST.
Georgina: A guy thought he could run across greesy wood, and fell buttox first, dragging a pile of saw dust down with him. Everyone laughed! :D

Cassy: Pahaha! He must be a Polito! ;)
by Friday Mcfee February 07, 2013
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