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A surname of Greek and Italian origin.

From the Greek, "poly" and "karpos" meaning 'many fruit'. This pertains to 'many children' or 'many offspring' instead of 'many plant genitalia'.

The family crest motif is yellow, black, and red-orange, featuring a large black eagle perched on a red-orange branch, set against a yellow background. The crest is of Greek origin, still popularly used by the descendant of the Pontian Greeks. The eagle, of course, is a symbol of strength, immortality, farsightedness, and courage. In mythology, Zeus often took on the form of an eagle.

Historians have speculated that the name 'Policarpio' derives from Saint Polycarp, once a bishop of Smyrna. Saint Polycarp was known to have many followers and disciples that travelled all over the world, hence the varying locations in which the surname 'Policarpio' are popular (Italy, Spain, the Philippines). His many followers may also explain why he has 'many fruit' because he considered his followers as his children.
There is a 'Policarpio Street' in the Philippines that is popular during Christmas due to its lavish decorations. This only proves how awesome this name is.
by thoreauviandouche August 07, 2012
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poli: many or city
carp: a type of fish
io: sounds italian

policarpio means many italian cities of fish
policarpio means many italian cities of fish
by gurlie212 May 07, 2008
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