What "smoking pot" sounds like after 6 bowls
"What are ya'll doing?"
"well, we WERE poking smot"
by Sara March 27, 2003
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In other words your stoned off your ass and cant say smoking pot right.
derrrrrr.... were poking smot.
by Joey March 27, 2003
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1.well for one, its a way of saying smoking pot without getting in trouble and or letting other people no what your talking about....

2.its also what you say after to much blunts!
poking smot


man1: dude what you doin today
man2:nothing you?
man1:not much wanna poke smot?
man2: sure.


mom: bob what are you doing today?

Bob: im gunna go hang with my friends and play basketball or poke smot.

guy1:dude that shit got me twisted man.
guy2: hell yeah! i love pokin smot!
guy1: what?
guy2: i said i like smokin pot.
guy1: oh hahaha
by ~Notorious King~ May 28, 2009
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Code for Smoking Pot, decieves parents/teachers
Hey, during lunch, let's poke smot!
by WarmFuzzyFriend May 13, 2009
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a slang phrase for smoking marijuana, coined by switching the first two letters in the phrase "smoke pot" in order to somewhat conceal your intentions
Guy 1: Yo u got any plans tonight?
Guy 2: Nah, not really probably just gonna go poke some smot
Guy 1: Nice, id b down to poke smot tonight
by Pseud O Nym October 24, 2009
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simply another word for smoke pot, made by some stupid people who were too paranoid to say smoke pot, but too retarded to realize most of everyone else will still know what they mean.
pokesmot.cjb.net is a good website named after this word
by poke smot February 22, 2004
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