1) To walk/look about or through something without a point
2) To move or act slowly or aimlessly
3) To poke several girls in one day/night/party or look around for some girls to poke right away
4) To see what other people are up to because you have nothing else to do and want to do anything
1) Poking Around a pile of stuff
2) I just was poking around the house and did fuck all
3) Man I was poking around with three of those chick at the party last night
4) I was just poking around to see what the fuck you were up to
by JeBus February 16, 2004
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When toilet paper has little effect on wiping clean and you are then forced to jump in the shower and then with a soaped up finger, poke around the poo shoot to remove all traces of faeces
'That curry went through me and my shit has spread everywhere, I'm going to need to poke around the pipe to clean it all up.'
by Chopper.Mk.52 April 07, 2019
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