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A person who believes that Ash and Misty/Satoshi and Kasumi from the animé, Pokémon, are destined to become a romantic couple, otherwise known as 'AAML' (Ash and Misty's love) or 'SatoKasu'.

Whilst some Pokeshippers are generally nice people, the majority are not.
They're completly obbsessed with the concept of a relationship between two fictional characters, and often critisise others for liking other pairings, often shoving many 'hints' into their faces, write poor quality fanfics and are generally annoying.

Many pokeshippers will attack any other character that they believe threatens the pairing between Ash and Misty, the prime target being May/Haruka. They will often bash May's character with every chance they get, often attempting to do so in a subtle manner, although still making it very obvious.

Example: 'I hate pokemon contests, they are useless and horrible additions to the plotline'

Apart from the plot of pokemon being very thin already, the majority of Pokeshippers only state this because they concern May. If Misty was to compete in Contests, they'd praise them and say Misty could do no wrong.
Pokeshipper: OMG, Ash an Misty ish soooo KAWAII 2gether!!! U shood read dis ficcie eye found!!!1
Normal person: .....shut the fuck up.
by Annoyed by shipping. August 28, 2004
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