A derogatory term for one of African decent.

From 0.6 = 3/5 Reference to three-fifths compromise where slaves were counted as 60% of a person
You can see 0.6 using welfare to buy 40s during working hours, Monday through Friday.
by J. Spook April 6, 2003
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Sixty Nine that is interrupted, cancelled, or postponed by a period, also written as 6.9
Man, me and Amy were about to do some wild shit but she pulled a six-point-nine on me.
by TheModernDanielWebster November 30, 2016
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4 in the pink...2 in the stink. A shocker times two.

Originated, injected, and perfected by Dallas, Texas band Six Point Hollow.
Pamela Anderson: Can't wait til Ray gives me a Six Point Shocker backstage...

Angelina Jolie: Brad ain't got nothin' on G's nutz and his six point shocker.

Gisele Bundchen: First Mike gave me a honey burst spankin', then I got a six point shocker!! Six Point Holla bitchez!!

Adriana Lima: How 'bout giving me a stix point shocker, Wes?!?
by Beezulbub November 22, 2006
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a really boring ass convo or text you get from your friends when you're either bored or you just dont wanna talk to the person...they're really annoying..
"Six point convo"

Chelsea: Hi

me: Hey

Chelsea: Sup

me: nm U?

Chelsea: same

me: yup

by Omathis June 15, 2009
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