an extremely talented female singer from the mid-nineties to the present. Her brother Mark wrote the book, "House of Leaves."
Poe's second album, Haunted, is superior to Hello.
by B to the R April 22, 2004
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1. An atrocious insult meaning everything nasty that was ever said or thought
2. A self centered turd
3. A bit worse than a french person
Person A: "You are a Poe!"
Person B: "I will go cry now!"
by Anonymous May 28, 2003
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acronym for "Pussy Over Everythang"
"When it comes to these hoes, P.O.E. nigga"
by Anthony March 14, 2005
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1.Poe = A very atractive person. (fit,bum,sexy,poe.)

2.Poe = Pussy All Over. (Puff,wimp,chicken,scardey cat.)
"Aw! She is well poe!"

Or, " But I'm to scared!"

"You're poe! I sware down!"
by Spankzie July 20, 2009
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Points of "Enterest"

A drunk mans(aka a Jim-Balls) definition of PoI "points of interest" on GPS
I just just hit the P O E.....Points of interest.

Hey you got your PoE
by co-operations manager January 27, 2009
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