Poe Dameron is a pilot in the beautiful Star Wars sequels. He has a flight-jacket that has been given to his..."friend" Finn (FN-2187). The truth is, he is slightly, or very, gay.

Look at stormpilot.

Oh, and btw, Finnrey ain't gonna happen ;).
Person 1: OMG! Poe Dameron is kyute! I hope he ends up with Rey!
Person 2: You kiddin' me? Poe Dameron is gay! He bit his lip at Finn!
by Stickyyy fingers May 26, 2018
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poe dameron is the best character in star wars by far. some people may call him poe DAMNeron bc he looks like a snack.
omg poe dameron is my boyfriend
by stormpiilot December 28, 2017
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