Past Out Drunk
It's someone so tired as soon as they hit the pillow their out. And they go into a heavy sleep nothing will wake them up.
Mom: "Taylor is P.O.D."
Me: "Haha I kno right."
by Biscut Gravey September 25, 2011
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(v.) Passed Out Drunk, the state of being passed out after you've completed the TUD (throwing up drunk) stage. It may also include blacking out.
Matthew got POD in his car and left it running all night until someone called the police on him.

Niki got POD before the Ke$ha concert, she never made it in...oops!
by text group March 08, 2011
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This party is boring, let's go someplace where there's P.O.D.
by Outlaw1978 November 05, 2010
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past over dosed
"My nigga lets get PODed, so high, so high, reefer and blunts is all thats needed."

by Incline January 27, 2004
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a term used in poker games and is derived from the two words, pot odds, implying the odds of the pot.

pot odds pods
i dont want to fold there are some really good pods.
by hurleyburley23 April 19, 2008
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