The act of cutting holes in your pockets so that you can masterbate in your pants.
Person 1: Are you pocket doging?!?!?
Person 2: NO!!
by p.dogger January 26, 2012
A hot dog kept in a man's pocket in case he is unable to achieve erection. Used as an alternative to a penis on an unsuspecting victim.
After a long night of pubbing, when it came time to get laid, poor ole Eddy had a case of whiskey dick. Luckily, he had his pocket dog and she didn't even know the difference!
by kts156 May 20, 2016
A small breed dog. Chihuahua, Pomerinian, Shih-Tzu, Yorkie, etc.
My pocket dog will bite off your ankle, dude.
by Mudd7 June 12, 2006
Cutting out the inside of ones' pants pockets to play with one's dog.
Look at the guy over there standing by the girls washroom. I cant see his hands, what is he doing? He must be pocket dogging!
by Maple Leaf Fan/Pocking dogger January 24, 2012
dating back to world war 2, the term "dog pocket" refers to an ancient ritual from the Egyptians that was used to capture all Jewish dogs and store them into another dimension until everything blows over.
hey Quinton, ya hear about that dog pocket in Europe that just opened up?
by eatlicker24 March 30, 2018