An acronym for "put me on your snap". People wanting clout for their snapchat ask people to do this.
Girl pmoys...I need more views.
by Shecuteorwhateva October 17, 2017
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Put me on your story

Used in snapchat so people put pictures of others to say they are friends with them
PMOYS if we are sound/tight
by Bridget bache January 11, 2017
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put me on your snapstory, when someone wants to make an appearance on your snapchat
Margaret: yo jen pmoys!

Jen: okay!!
by mckenzieisweird October 15, 2016
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"Put me on your story" it is used when someone wants to be on someone snapchat story.
Usually used by losers who want to seem popular, or want to be cool.
"pmoys if we cool" *puts on own story*
Person: smh loser!
Person: Nobody wants to put your ugly ass on their story
by David-John March 13, 2018
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