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The noise a cat makes when it greets you. The cat doesn't open its mouth, as in a meow. It's almost like a purr/grunt sound.
You - "Hi, kitty."
Kitty - "plurp? Plllurp?"
by Plurp August 08, 2008
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A plurp is a penis fart (like a quief is a vagina fart). A plurp is less common, however.
It stinks in here...WTF bro? Did you just plurp?
by Jojo Rockford June 11, 2008
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to eat soup with a plunger
man, I just hate it when I forget my spoon. Now I guess I have no choice but to PLURP!!!!
by taco banana feet June 04, 2009
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An abject, almost violent-yet small-fart. Out of nowhere kind of fart.
The kind of farts that sneak up on you and "PLURP!" it happens and plurp is also the noise it makes.
by plurpqueen1970 May 27, 2010
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Usually referring to the word lurp

A tall lanky person, who can't quite handle him/herself during physical activities, basketball, running etc. White or pale looking and fat. Despite his/her height their gut sticks out to quite an extent and when they show you this gut you will shudder in disgust.
Adam: Omg! look at Brent he's taller than the locker and yet he looks fat. Brent your such a plurp!

Brent: I am not a plurp!
by Baacke December 02, 2007
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