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Avenue in South Farmingdale that runs from Hart Street to Main Street, crossed by Graham, Kent, Woodward Parkway, Vandewater, and Powell.

It is home to a range of upper-middle-class homes and peaceful neighbors, and yet seems to be the main drag for all types of human trash.

Generally a low-crime area of Farmingdale, Plitt and it's neighboring streets become the sole path for punks and dirtbags trying to get from East Farmingdale to the bike path and woods surrounding the high school.

It has earned the endearing nickname "Plittoris" from it's residents, or when paired with the cross street Kent, 'Clitt'... as in "corner of Clitt and Kunt".
Go down Plitt and turn onto Kent, the Park is right in front of you.

Did you go out on Halloween? Plittoris turned into the Scumbag Express! I feel sorry for the guys that live there, they must've been up all night with bats and flashlights.

I'm walkin' down Clitt right now, meet me at Taormina's for some lunch.
by Big Kenny Knuts April 24, 2008
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A man who doesn't accumulate bodyfat and its more shredded than the cheddar cheese you buy in the grocery store
dude, did you see diesel on the beach, he was totally plitt.
by HammerDaddy92 February 13, 2011
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