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An ink pen that had dried out and/or become useless and obsolete. Also see plencil
Rick: Dude, why won't this pen work?!
Mick: Prolly because it is now a plen.
by GIR needs rehab August 26, 2008
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Commonly used as a low-key roast in Genus PvM, usually targetted at Benson or Seca
Plenson has logged in

"Oh look, its secaplen"
by EmilyHeartEyes August 07, 2017
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A flaccid penis, usually very soft and small. Plen is not a sexual term, rather a term of endearment.
Plens can be considered cute under certain circumstances.
"Did you hurt your plen again?" "- yes, my plenis got caught in the door."

"Your plen is so soft and squishy."
by Atlum August 21, 2018
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