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Plastic rock is a term {as defined by me,because i coined it} that jokes about the RockBand & GuitarHero craze because instead of taking the time to learn how to play an actual instrument and with all the money spent on these things; you could have bought yourself,or your kid, an actual instrument.But these everyone is getting lost in the fact that the game makes it easy to pretend to make music.With the new Guitar Hero World Tour,you can actual make your own tracks with preloads,im sure.
Its just taking away from culture and drowning people in nonsense brainmelting electronics.

Hey I thought it was as cool as the next person,but I actually play music,real music.
Hey dude, pretty soon all music will be electronically and easy produced for anyone to do,its gonna be the Plastic-Rock era.
by Josh {everyone knows me} F**K January 09, 2009
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