someone who finds a restaurant.
Mike was a placy and he hangs out for food
by AngryTot63 November 18, 2017
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That place over there, or just over there. In fact, can be just 'there'.
It's at yon placie.
by kangaruth January 23, 2004
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A term most often used to describe a cry-baby; a pussy.

See also kukavica.
by Zvezdica353 May 2, 2016
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The coolest and hottest pigeon ever
Omg is that Placie!
by TheGreatSeal July 25, 2021
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english translation : crying-pussy

it is used when someone is constantly crying or crying too often with reasons that are not worth crying to.
ahh damn u just lost that football match.
what a placi picka.

you just cut your finger
you: cries
your dad: placi picka!!!
by kradljivac turske February 14, 2022
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