Placebo means BULLSHIT! They can also be referred to as gazebos.

Actually they’re fake medication/drugs.
-They’re placebos.
-Placebo means bullshit.

You know what these are, THEY’RE GAZEBOS, THEY’RE BULLSHIT!
by SwedishYoungGlucoseGuardian October 30, 2019
When you get the vaccine, but by mid 2022 you're still not dead.
Gonzalo Lira: People are dying. Mortality is up and natality (the number of babies being born) is down.
me: But look at Switzerland, mortality hasn't budged.
also me: They probably got placebo...
by Mr. Sr August 2, 2022
Someone who becomes bi solely because the versatility of it is so enticing
👤: being bi seems like a strategic advantage. *Begins to obsess over the idea of it*

Me (the one who wrote this definition): that's what I like to call a placebo bisexual
by MSRgaming October 12, 2022
Developer Placebo is term said to substances that are believed to increase and improve your software development skills but don't really. An example f these substances could be dark chocolate, Cheese Doritos, matcha, everything vegan
Mike: Yooo bro you should start drinking match, you will be a better software developer
Kyle: No man I became a vegan and I'm writing better software ever since!

John: Guys. You know that is just developer placebo, right?
by TamimiUrban July 31, 2019
The look on your face when somebody is talking about something you don't care about, but you want to seem interested.
He was prattling on about CrossFit during our date, so I had to give him the placebo affect since he's so hot and I heard he's hung.
by paramedico987 July 16, 2017