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The name of a town situated in the middle of nowhere thats filled with complete losers and douche bags.
by intelligent salmon July 12, 2008
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A small town where there is nothing to do but to get high and drunk.Where stupid bitches start drama becasue they have absolutly no life whats so ever
Pittsgrove is a party town
by Silly_x_Suicide July 10, 2008
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A place in the middle of no where that doesn't matter at all. Everyone fights for a popular reputation, a bunch of two-faced people pleasers. Those who are popular feel like total badasses who think they run shit when in reality, they're complete nobodies, which they may or may not realize upon leaving Pittsgrove depending on how big their ego is. The girls are all sluts and potheads. The guys all either pop perks, are try-hards, douche bags, tools, or fight drunk at partys and think they're hardcore shit. Pittsgrove is where girls obsess over drama and think they're tough. It's the type of place where people like Lady Gaga would come from as a child. Fucks with your head and screws you up forever. Don't go there. Nothing too good comes from that town. Unless you're a guy looking for a one night stand or a girl looking for a girl to hookup with. Lots of easy whores, lesbians, and druggie wannabees!!!
"I want to act like I'm about that thug life."
"Me too, let's go to Pittsgrove! Everyone does it there."
"Ok! While we pretend to be thug, we can have lots of lesbian sex and do drugs!"
by ayyyayyyayyy March 16, 2013
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