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A redneck town in the middle of nowhere.
Common pastimes include drinking beer and shooting things.
The most exciting event in their history was that they built a McDonalds.
At the high school, everyone is higher than their grades.
The mayor and the high school principal are d-bags.
On the plus side, if you're over 85, you have a wide variety of clothing stores to choose from!
And if you're in the KKK, you'll make tons of friends!
John: Hey, you want to go to Pittsboro?
Zack: No!
John: But doesn't your dying mother live there?
Zack: Still! I'm not THAT masochistic!
John: True... So you still on for hacking off our own legs with a butter knife on Tuesday?
Zack: Of course!
by I do enjoy pastries. December 29, 2011
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A little town, about twenty to thirty minutes away from Chapel Hill. This is a wonderful little farming community, and will always be the home to the best soda shop in NC. Most of the population is good country folks.
I would love to go to Pittsboro for a day, it will give me a chance to go eat at S and T's
by NO123456789 April 05, 2009
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A small town in the center of Chatham County, NC. AKA Bum Fuck Nowhere! It's nothing but gas stations, real estate agencies and fast food chains. And it wouldn't be Pittsboro without the stank chicken plant, that shit smells like barf-ass baked with feces and rotting flesh. Oh and the high school principle is a douche :
Polar Bear: "Did you know the Pittsboro Court House burned down?"
Me: "Yea, 5 people have told me! But no one outside of Pittsboro will care, no even knows where it is!"
by RubMyDuckie March 16, 2011
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A tiny town in North Carolina with stupid fast food and S&Ts, the best place there with awesome ice-cream. Pittsboro has a ton of stores cramped with antiques and crap like that.
Ron: I'm ready to go!
Mom: Ew. You look like a hobo. Where are you going?
Ron: Pittsboro.
Mom: Let me check your suitcase.
Ron: Fine.
Mom: It's full of hobo clothing except for this one outfit. What's up with that?
Ron: That's for when I go to S&Ts. That's the only place that isn't crappy.
Mom: Okay. Make sure not to bring me home an antique or fast food!
by younghip-hop1 December 29, 2011
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