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The lowest, dirtiest type of slut there is. A piss slut will take anyone's piss, any time, anywhere.
Essentially, a piss slut is a fuckable urinal.
This piss slut just wants to be pissed on all the time. Give me all the piss you've got! I want everyone's piss all over me. I want to be covered in piss!
by PetSlut October 14, 2015
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A person without any morals that will let anyone take a piss on them!

A person that gains sexual gratification from being pissed on in a group orgy.

A Piss-Slut is much like a golden shower slut accept far much more dirty. They will go well and beyond and do anything involving piss! Drink it, Lick it, Fuck with it, Gargle it, Freeze it, Defrost it, Cook with it...

"Did you see what that piss slut did in that golden shower porno?"

Amanda looked at Tammi and said, "There's a difference between what I do and what you do!" "I do golden showers!" "Your just a piss slut that does anything!"

'The Piss Slut Lovers Cook Book' said that it may be a fresh and alternative change from using cooking oil to using your own piss in the frying pan when camping in ruggard bushland or maybe even cooking at home?
by The Moody Poet August 02, 2006
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