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The Anglicized Polish slang word for "Pimp." The word is commonly used in Chicago as a combination of the words "Prekiodor" (Spanish Stud) and "Rekkus Raxus" (Polish Guard) to refer to one who is especially studly and awesome.

That guy is fucking Piprek. Look at those fucking skanks chillin' with that dude.

by pollup December 30, 2007
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When a Lesbian and a Black Tranny prostitute get in a hair-pulling fight and their jewelry gets all tangled up.
Hey everyone! A Lesbian/Black Tranny Prostitute Fight! Check it out.

Oh damn...they're Piprek. Shitty deal.
by Poonorific April 22, 2008
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The back splash when you're taking a piss in a urinal.

*I hate taking a whiz in a urinal. Man, oh man - another guy just came in. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck don't stand next to me...shit. Why the fuck is this guy standing so close to me? Is he trying to sneak a look at my cock? What the fuck. I should say something...wait, he's totally checking out my- FUCK. I'm gonna shimmy in even closer to the urinal so he can't see my wang. I fucking hate these pervert old me and their...ok, he's gone. But fuck, I got Piprek all over my pants*


by Fudgepacker III May 15, 2008
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