A word used on the show Voltron: Legendary Defender that comes from the Altean language. It is basically the equivalent of the English word "Fuck".
Season 2, Episode 3, 9:41 " I will not have some quiznak-ing Galra soldier on the bridge of my ship!" -Allura
by ya boi trevor November 27, 2018
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Quiznak is a term in the animated show Voltron Legendary Defenders and it's closest translation from Altean to English is some combination (or can be used in place of either) of the f-word and dang it.
"Quiznak! You're lucky i have a case of the old ‘sleep chamber knees.'" -Coran

"What the quiznak?" -almost everyone

"Here's an option: shut your quiznak." Is used incorrectly by Lance
by Voltron Fangirl January 2, 2019
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A word found in the animated series Voltron Legendary Defender. It from the Altean language and has no confirmed English equivalent.

However, from context it can be discerned that quiznak is some kind of alien swear word. In the Voltron fandom it is widely speculated to mean ‘fuck’.
What the quiznak!”
“Who the quiznak are you?!”
by excessoffandoms December 22, 2018
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