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After a hot session of unbridled finger fucking, when the penetrating finger is removed from the soaking wet cooch hole and wiped on your partners upper lip. Can be given by the girl after pleasuring herself or laid upon the girl’s upper lip by her partner after a steamy fingerbang session.
1.) Fuck that dirty old stripper; after she finger fucked the shit out of herself on my lap she gave me the pink sanchez!

2.) My girlfriend is so down she loves it when I give her a pink sanchez before work.
by A Man999 June 17, 2010
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after having sex, the woman sticks her fingers into her vagina, wet with woman juice, and wipes a mustache above her man's lips to create the pink sanchez.
Sex with Tina last night was so amazing. Then she gave me a Pink Sanchez and I was able to enjoy more of her juices. Oh yeah!
by abcd1021 June 14, 2010
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