When they first started manufacturing cars it was a paper that said the car was entitled to you.Today they make them blue.Also its a type of race in the streetrace world which means you race for the car.
In 2F2F They raced for Pink Slips
by Rocafella May 23, 2004
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When two people are going at it up the anus, and when he (or she with a strap on) pulls out and pulls the large intestine out with it.
Fred: "I'm coming!"
Mary: "Don't pink slip me."
Fred: "Oh crap, too late."
by woodenapple February 26, 2009
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The act of inserting a piece of paper into your girlfriends vagina while she’s on her period and proceeding to write the United States Constitution on it.
Hey babe, be careful or I may surprise you with a pink slip;)
by hitlersashes December 06, 2019
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The act of putting the D into a vagina over and over.
Guy 1: "How'd the date go last night?"
Guy 2: "Banging mate! Gave her the pink slip."
Guy 1: "Top bantz!"
by banter5aurus February 14, 2016
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Document utilized to obtain emergency
hospitalization for an individual who is 1)
mentally ill subject to hospitalization by court
order, and 2) represents a substantial risk of
physical harm to him/herself or others if
allowed to remain at liberty pending
by Albano December 22, 2013
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refers to the employee's copy of a notice terminating employment, formerly colored pink.
Three employees were given a pink slip.
by Arigrion April 10, 2011
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