A sexual position in which the girl is bent over forward supported only on one leg leaving the guy to hold the other leg suspended while having sex from with the girl from behind. During this whole ordeal the guy is to spank the girl with a yardstick and depending on how into it the girl is she may or may not flap her arms like wings.
Hey Kelsey, remember that pink flamingo last night. . .damn it was hot and freaky.
by Mike the American Hero December 31, 2006
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while recieving fellatio, the man positions himself sitting down on a bed or a chair, with the girl on her knees performing said sex act. at the point of climax, the man will give a signal to the female, who upon recieving said signal will cease fellatio and place the tip of the penis to one of her nostrils while continuing to masterbate said man. she will then to proceed to snort the load of man seed like a line of coke.
dude, I gave carl a pink flamingo the other day and i still smell baby batter
by the Narwhal Commander October 14, 2007
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When a girl with a rather large clitoris has anal sex with you, using said clitoris.
Dude, I can't believe your mom gave Steve a pink flamingo.
by RedelcherFace September 21, 2004
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stalker: ur such a pink flamingo
sleepy grass hopper: no dumbshit, im a grasshopper
stalker: *stomps* yeah i guess you are.
by kristie February 07, 2004
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code word for a hand job given to a guy under his pants while his pants are still on, typically in high-risk of getting caught situations
I'm gonna give him a pink flamingo at work
by misssexypants August 28, 2017
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A 1972 dada istic film by Baltimore's very own self proclaimed 'pope of trash'john Waters starring divine Edith Massey David lochary and mink stole.
Pink flamingos is about 2 families competing for the title of "the filthiest people alive!" Divine plays band johnson who lives with her demented family in a trailer park in the fictitious phenix Maryland just across town in a 'balmer brownstone' Baltimore live connie and Raymond marble. They both want to be the filthiest people alive!
by 4realazitgits April 16, 2021
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