A sexual position in which a couple partakes in doggy style intercourse while the woman's head remains in a toilet bowl, like a swirly. For the anal equivalent, see brown flamingo.
1. "I almost drowned while Steve was giving me the pink flamingo last night, luckily my hand found the flusher just in time."

2. Cindy: "Hey Natalie, why do you smell like a public bathroom?"
Natalie: "Oh, John gave me the pink flamingo before work today."
by Dankability June 25, 2008
code word for a hand job given to a guy under his pants while his pants are still on, typically in high-risk of getting caught situations
I'm gonna give him a pink flamingo at work
by misssexypants August 29, 2017
while recieving fellatio, the man positions himself sitting down on a bed or a chair, with the girl on her knees performing said sex act. at the point of climax, the man will give a signal to the female, who upon recieving said signal will cease fellatio and place the tip of the penis to one of her nostrils while continuing to masterbate said man. she will then to proceed to snort the load of man seed like a line of coke.
dude, I gave carl a pink flamingo the other day and i still smell baby batter
by the Narwhal Commander October 15, 2007
When a girl with a rather large clitoris has anal sex with you, using said clitoris.
Dude, I can't believe your mom gave Steve a pink flamingo.
by RedelcherFace September 22, 2004
stalker: ur such a pink flamingo
sleepy grass hopper: no dumbshit, im a grasshopper
stalker: *stomps* yeah i guess you are.
by kristie February 7, 2004
When a woman with a rather large clitoris has anal sex with another woman, using said clitoris.
Bob:I can't believe Anita Flying Pink Flamingoed Jen!
Tom:I know, Anita is so small but her clitoris is SO BIG!
Eric: It's like fuckin Sputnik!
by Eman & T-Dizzle May 9, 2006
The act of masturbating, for a male. The penis is like a proud pink flamingo, and nothing could be finer than taking it out for a stroll at least once a day.
Dude, did you see the cleavage that Donna was showing? I am definitely going to walk the pink flamingo when I get home.
by badscooter July 8, 2010