When you go back to numerous girls houses and fail to convert on every occasion
That guy is such a Piner, he has been back to three girls houses in the last month and still didnt get laid!
by Dynamo Banter March 25, 2013
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something that is small or not big
that christmas tree is "piner" small

sha has a piner ass not big
by palermo May 04, 2006
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someone who breaks up with a girl and regrets it the next day and forever and ever until he drives his mates insane
trys to form other relationships with girls, but purposefully sabotages them, with say blaming a dropped one on her when everyone knows the man supplied the stench
piner, pine fresh, you has got more pine than ikea, pine cone head, fresh out of pine, pinetastic, he's such a fucking piner
by m-chambers June 08, 2009
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a sexy girl that always knows how to have a good time, she is extremely hot and she is loved by everyone.she does not take crap from anyone, so she will tell you off if she needs to, so do not mess with her. but she is really hot!!!! and she is FUN
just look mimi piner and you will know
by merritt andreson May 16, 2011
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A name given to an individual who may come across as annoying. They often strive at being annoying at touchy subjects (for example racism or paedophilia)
That new James kid, he's a real Piner.
by A Kilogram of Steel November 17, 2018
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