1. An object resembling one of the grasping parts of a set of pincers. For example, a crab's claw.

2. A maneuver in which an enemy force is attacked from two flanks and the front. See Pincer Attack.
AHHH! I my finger got sliced by the pincer of that lobster!!
by Maux Darkbrand May 31, 2009
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To place the middle finger into the anus whilst the thumb is placed into the vagina. The hand is then vibrated like fuck at the wrist to increase stimulation. (similar to the roman pincer).
This drenched bitch was gagging for the pincer last night. So i gave her whats coming. My fingers were proper stinky.
by Sex Guru 09 April 13, 2009
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A generally metallic device used to pluck eyebrows or nose hairs. Also known as squeezers due to the fact that you squeeze them together in order to grab the hair to pluck.

Alternatively, a crab or lobster has pincers or claws which they use to grab and tear objects with, such as food.

When cooked, crab pincers are edible. Crab pincers are also known as scissors and have a very high strength, capable of snapping bone.
Jessica was plucking her eyebrows with a pair of pincers.
by blackbone March 23, 2009
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An extremely complicated but yet rewarding chess move, where a player successfully checks the enemy player's king and forces checkmate in the next move. The tactic must have two offensive attackers (i.e a queen and a pawn) that together synergize into a victory. The move is developed by chess grandmaster, Félix "xQc" Lengyel, and is a part of the Bing-Bang-Boom chess philosophy with other strategies such as the wooden shield. It takes years of studying to master this phenomenal move, as not even artificial intelligence computers such AlphaZero or LeelaZero have the ability to find a counter move to the lobster pincer.
3000-rated player: This game is already won, I'm way too much up in material*
5Head: *With material down, plays the lobster pincer*
3000-rated player: *Instantly resigns as there's no possible way to avoid the checkmate*
by Unknown Panda June 1, 2020
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A term used by "Hannibal" Smith as a euphemism for a frontal assault. Used by The A-Team in nearly all engagements.

A "pincer" maneuver involves a force splitting into two and attacking the enemy from both sides, thus a "half pincer" logically means the force attacks the enemy from only one side.
Hannibal - "Now, the plan is your basic straight-on surprise hit-n-run attack. If anything goes sour, we split-up and rendezvous at the drop zone. Got it?"

BA - "This ain't much of a plan, Hannibal."

Hannibal - "Are you kidding? It's a classic! It's your half pincer movement inside a guarded perimeter. Tried and true, BA!"
by Philip Welch September 9, 2009
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Being trapped by two or more gay or camp people, by surprise, and being unable to escape talking to them. Walking away is often not an option as it may cause them to protest loudly drawing more attention to the situation.

I was relaxing at this party when I got caught in a mincer pincer. Took me 30 minutes to get rid of them.
by The Spike February 22, 2007
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An attack in which two or more forces attack from multiple sides at once; especially one which thereby traps the enemy.
Commander: Alright men! Lets use a pincer attack!

Victims: Their surrounding us, there is nothing we can do!
by Maux Darkbrand May 31, 2009
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