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A. slang code word for having any type of sexual pleasure with another in Portuguese.

B. anything you want it to be when referring to something sexual again in Portuguese

C. to agree with.

D. Portuguese pop music
A. Guy 1:Hey, did pimba last night with Jess?

Guy 2: Yep, and it was amazing!

B. GF: So Alex..what do you want for your birthday?

BF: I want to pimba!!

C. Guy 1: Last night me and Jenalyn smashed...

by portista-manhor169 October 28, 2010
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Protoss IMBAlanced

A common phrase among the players of StarCraft, a popular RTS game developed by Blizzard Ent. It complains (more often than not jokingly) about Protoss, one of the 3 playable races in the game, is so strong that is compromising the balance of the game (here, "balance" roughly means that all 3 races are designed to have equal capacity and potential, making the performance of a player independent of the race he plays/chooses to play/prefers to play).

Similar terms are "Timba" (Terran imbalanced) and "Zimba" (Zerg imbalanced)

see also: imba
That Colossus just ate my lings for breakfast without a scratch! Pimba!
Proxy Pylon always gets me. Pimba!
Considering Pimba, let's nerf Terran.
by zmpony October 28, 2015
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