Eating a TON of food, literally.
Dude 1: Were's Scooby and Shaggy?
Dude 2: In the kitchen, pigging out.
by Transpolar Drift Stream July 20, 2011
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To continue eating in excess until one can't move or feels sick.
Jodrey loved to go to Baja Fresh and pig out until his buddies had to carry him out.
by BP May 21, 2004
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Used to describe when an area has 2 or more cops on patrol.
Guy 1: Are we almost at his house?

Guy 2: Yea man we're like 3 minutes away his shit is always pure.

Guy 1: There goes a cop.

Guy 2: Wow another fucking cop.

Guy 1: lets go buy those kilos somewhere else, this place is a pig out.
by My Purple Kush Is Dank August 27, 2011
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Typically used by scousers meaning eaten a lot
Nah mate I can’t move I’ve proper pigged out you know?
by Scousemsttlad May 27, 2018
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A) a Canadian maritime provinces term meaning to invite your friends over and eat food from.plastic dinner trays in from.of the television

B) behaving like a pig, in terms of social skills and table manners, at the regular dinner table

C) ( coolidiculous term : breaking-and-entering into a residence while the owner is away and behaving like a hotel room bachelor, without stealing anything.
Hey you, you buffoon, stop pigging out definition b) and c)
by Sexydimma April 17, 2017
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What a truck driver with the handle Pig might say when he's signing off on his CB Radio.
by 66tornadoes December 14, 2016
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