When a dude that you always call a Piece Of Shit, makes art....
Hullo Hullo, Look what I made
WOW, you artistic piece of shit
by BeechAwssNeegah March 26, 2017
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Some one who genuinely has no fucking clue how to live life with out being being an absolute disappointment to everyone on earth whether they know them or not
"Hey Gary, did you see that cock gobbling tit fucking nut tugging piece of shit try to ask out Stacey to prom using pokemon cards like a retarded nerd"
by TheeSteelNutt April 2, 2020
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The term "Cock-Twatlling-Piece-Of-Shit" is used when you want to express that someone is a "fucking piece of shit", but you want more pizzazz
Hey Mike! You're a Cock-Twatlling-Piece-Of-Shit!
by PitifulIris April 3, 2021
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A kid who kills u in COD and Tea bags u when u die he is a natural fag and most of his friends ducking hate him he should be hung from a tree
That kids a Faggatorial Piece of Shit he fucking sucks at the game and should be crucified
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