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A Pickle Nose is defined as follows: A piece of shit, big crater pitted nose, rude, arm pit sweat stained shirt, a purposeful floor pisser, butterface, free food scrounging hick Billy Bob Thornton unintelligible grunt talking pickle fuck bear fucker. A complete worthless hunk of shit metal in a work environment. A real racist animal no one likes, except other long dead racist shitkickers like him. He's definitely that kind of person that hangs out by the restroom, so he can get a whiff of others peoples shit they left behind. Pickle Nose tends to walk around aimlessly under the false pretense and looks for an used "wank sock" piece of tissue paper he left behind. A truly disgusting piece of bile waste corn frittered shite. Even calling pickle nose a piece of shit is an insult to external shit everywhere.
"I really hate Pickle Nose. He ate all of our lunches, shit in the hallway, pissed on floor of the bathroom, raped the wall and pissed off everyone in the workplace because of "piss" poor racist attitude"

"I really wish ole' Pickle Nose would drop dead sometime soon. His butterface drives me insane with desire. How am I supposed to get any work done?"
by X-File Cummander June 20, 2014
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