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Pickering is a city 30 minutes East of Toronto. Its home to an Nuclear Power Plant and a strip club called The Palace. The Palace is a home away from home for the band Down With Webster as they are regulars at the gentlemen's club. They reportedly spent 90% of their record advance money on a platnium membership, which gives them a year-round reservation for the best seats on perv row.
Dude A: "Why are you going to Pickering?"
Dude B: "The Palace, bro."
Dude A: "Say Hi to Down With Webster for me while you're there."
by Chapstick99 March 2, 2010
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Down With Webster is a band that hails from Toronto. The group has been praised by super producer Timbaland as being innovative and up and comers in the music scene of 2010. Their music is a unique blend of rap, pop and rock and the band is favored by Kiss's Gene Simmons.

Down With Webster is notorious in the Durham Region (half hour east of Toronto) for their platinum membership at The Palace, a Gentleman's Club in Pickering, Ontario where they allegedly spent 90% of their record advance money from their Universal Motown record deal. Their platinum membership affords the band a year round reservation for premium seats on perv row.
Stripper A: "I wanna work at The Palace in Pickering so bad."
Stripper B: "Why's that?"
Stripper A: "Because Down With Webster are regulars at The Palace, and they make great music and are excellent tippers."
by Chapstick99 March 1, 2010
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