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A neighborhood located in Toronto also called 'TPK' or 'Taxi Town' or 'The Islamic Republic of Thorncliffe'. This is the hood where the Pakis, Afg and Indian immigrants reach when they first arrive in Canada. Although there are not a lot of them, every Thorncliffe resident will admit that Thorncliffe is run by the Ethiopians and Eritrea and not the supposed 'Paki Whacki Super Crapi Gang' or 'AFG (the scrambled form of Fag)' or the 'Indian Gujrati Madressa Failing Gang'.
Q: Where do you go to play cricket ?
A: Thorncliffe Park!

Q: Why are there all these Paki's showing up for friday prayers but not for daily prayers ?
A: Welcome to Thorncliffe, where the real muslims r guji not pak.

Q: Why did I just smell a blast of Biryani mixed with Curry from that cab ?
A: Its from Thorncliffe.
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A savage ghetto hood block where all the faggot pussy ass niggers including the bitch ass Ethiopians and dick sucking Eritreans come to get their asses kicked and robbed. This hood is full of real gangster terrorist niggas that come from the worst parts of the world like Afghanistan Iraq Pakistan Somalia etc the Muslims run this block and have the opp block Flemingdon Park on curfew. The black kids that think they’re gangster because of their black skin and race always act like such savage gangsters until the real mob comes through and starts bucking shots at the pussy niggers. Anyone who tells you any different is a lying butthurt bitch ass nigger who probably got robbed by some refugee savages.
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