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Someone who spends most of their free time taking pictures of themselves in various locations. These can include:
-In your room looking pensive
-In your washroom
-From your webcam
-Humping a tree
-Humping your friends
--Taking pictures from that myspace angle.(Hair in your face, and looking like you haven't slept in 56 hours.)
Ashley: I think I'm gonna go outside and be a photowhore!!!
by neonhairclip April 25, 2009
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a person, whether male or female, who is constantly found taking pictures of themselves. This person may have multiple pictures of one's self on their camera.
Damn, that photo whore over there keeps taking pictures of herself, is she concieted or what? One of these says she's gonna break that camera.
by bootygal4rmSoCal January 23, 2005
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a photo whore is a person who gets around with the camera .. they take heaps of photos of themselves to put on their blogs and myspace. camwhore is also a relevant definiton. does NOT just include stuck up whores who are completely obsessed with their appearances
the emo guy is such a photo whore
by sare September 07, 2005
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A person who posts his/her pictures or the pictures that he/she takes very often on the forums and sites.
Stop posting your car's pictures all the time, you are such a photo whore! ;)
by econan June 30, 2005
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