The Genealogy that leads to on being Photogenic.
Bob is very Photogenic... he must have good Photogenetics in his family.
by Dave O'Dowd October 02, 2008
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someone who only looks good only in pictures
she looks good on instagram but totally different in person
she has photogenetics
by mrgrande16 June 10, 2014
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adj. one who is predisposed to be photogenic. a person of either gender who through superior breeding has well defined cheek bones, reassuring eyes, and other sought after physical features.
Bill: Look at Fred over there taking his pic with all those girls, man I hate that guy.

Ted: Yeah, have you seen his rents, no wonder he pulls so much ass.

Bill: Sucks to be photogenetic, huh?
by taylork October 13, 2008
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Contrary to popular belief, anti-photogenic is not the opposite of photogenic

Anti-photogenesis is one's ability to be so sexy that forces other people to refuse to be in photos with them in fear of the other people not being able to display their complete awesomeness
Get John away from me. Hes too Anti-photogenetic
by Yip Yip You January 13, 2011
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