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People who assume that photography is all scene kids taking scene pictures.
Its the arogance of thinking that anyone with a a camera smaller than the size of your face can't possibly be taken seriously.
Assuming that using photoshop means you have no talent (Even though photoshop is a tool to be used the same way you tweak photographs in the darkroom)

Constantly thinking you are better than other photographers.

A sickening breed of premadonna
dude1- Uh. That stupid geek over there has no talent just look at his puny camera

Dude2- yea! How do you expect to get any good photo without a camera the size of entire back?!?!

Dude1- Yea i know what a talentless loser

Kid with small camera- man i am sick of all these stupid PhotoSnob's always picking on me.
by ViolentViolet July 29, 2009
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Old school photographers who diss on any form of photography that has been touched up with Adobe Photoshop or any form of software to enhance photos. Often, these photographers still swear by film cameras alone. They don't hesitate to pontificate about their knowledge of pure photography.
by TLN November 30, 2008
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