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When you're too drunk for phone sex.
"Oh I like when you bite my neck, I'm going to take your bra off...ugh, drunk so many clasps, screw it, I'll try for pants, why is the button so tricky, eh, fuck it, let's just do some phone cuddling"
by omally April 26, 2015
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/fōn/ /ˈkədlin/ (verb) aka Phone cuddlin' 1. of or related to phone cuddle. 2. act of having the phone next to you while talking to a recipient and falling asleep, which may occur in both professional or personal situation.
The act can be accidental or intentional. Prior warning of slumber should be vocalized if personal. Snoring may occur. Friendship/Relationship/Family should not take offense. Repeat if necessary.

Action in the Professional setting may have side affect of release from employment (Caution: face planting is imminent).
*Check your phone provider for possible overage charges.
I love it when my girlfriend is phone cuddling with me as we have phone sex.
During a conference call, we heard our manager phone cuddling as the snoring was loud on the speaker phone.
by Virgil S. January 13, 2015
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