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When you're taking to someone on the phone and get the urge to walk round the house/garden for no apparent reason.
A: What is Jimbob doing walking round the garden?

B: It's alright man, he's got his phone legs on.
by amazontreefrog June 22, 2011
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When your legs falls asleep from sitting on the shitter for too long fucking with your smartphone.
After sitting on the john for twenty minutes liking memes on social media: "Damn I have phone leg, I'm gonna stumble around like an intoxicated giraffe while I'm trying to wipe."
by gnstrlove November 22, 2016
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A British synonym of phantom phone, the experience of feeling your phone vibrate in your pocket when in fact it hasn't. You are either imagining it or mistaking other vibration sources for your phone.

Commonly occurs when driving in the narrow cobble-stoned streets of London. More likely to occur if you are talking about someone behind their back. You suddenly think they're calling you, feel an immediate twinge of guilt, followed by immense relief when you realise it was just phone leg.
Ed: "Hang on, my phone's going. Oh no it's not. It's phone leg. I thought it was my daughter. Do you get phone leg?"
Rob: "Yes, but I try not to keep it in my leg."
Ed: "What are you, a terminator?"
by dalb0z March 01, 2010
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