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Brings a party member back to life when their HP has reached zero. Usually used by your cheap characters to arise your higher level character.(Does not work on Aeris)
Damn! Clouds down... Cait Sith! Use a Phoenix Down on him!
by Frank F. December 07, 2006
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What cool people use to describe having a beer that really revives you at the end of a long day

(taken from Final Fantasy series whereby a Phoenix Down revives a member of your party once they have died)

"Ed: Dude I just spent like 10 straight hours serving fries to clinically stupid people; I know they are hungry and I am the chosen one to save them from such an evil BUT the day was so long - i am so tired I don't think I can even make it out to the pool party"

"Stav: No problemo buddy - here, have a cold Phoenix Down, that'll fix you right up"
by Steven Ellis August 10, 2007
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A sex act in wich u wrap somthing around your dick and set it on fire, then set the fir out with the inside of your partners vagina.
Dude, i gave a Phoenix Down to tina last night.
by PhoenixDwn August 12, 2009
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Kick ass band from Romsey, England. Check them out at
I wish I could drum like the drummer in Phoenix Down. :'-(
by N February 23, 2004
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